Smoke Stacks Day Investigation Millington, TN February 27, 2011


During a past investigation to the area we learned of the spirit of a little boy protected by a female spirit. These spirits seemed to be telling us that we shouldn’t be here, but why? We had to go back to investigate more.


We had learned from our past investigation that the spirits seem to greet you at the gates before even stepping foot on the actual property. We had received several EVPs in that area by the road, so we knew to be ready as we pulled up and parked.  We returned during the day so that we would be more comfortable moving through the ruins of the building within the woods. We came to an open area, with several fallen structures and large pillars, crumbling walls and steps that lead down into an area. We stood there quiet and attempted to draw out any spirits attacked to those fallen walls. Last time we were here we caught an EVP of a woman more than once, who seemed to me thought we shouldn’t be here. I wanted to know who she was and why she was worried for us. It felt like we weren’t alone in this moment and we hear whispers but even as we moved around and found the tunnels we couldn’t make out what they were saying. There are several opening in the ground, one with an old wooden ladder that lead down. The tunnel held a lot of debris and a little water. When I went to hold my video camera down in there, the camera shut off. The battery which had over 100 minutes left was completely drained. I wanted to explore the tunnels more but one such tunnel was filled to the top with water and they didn’t feel safe. We started to understand how there could be a little lost boy’s spirit out here. These openings were about 6 feet down and it would be easy to take a wrong step and fall in one. As we stood there Chris called out asking if anyone was in there, with our own ears we heard a response and at the same time I got a hit on the EMF meter I was holding. As if we scared something out of this hole and it came rushing passed us. We stayed there for some time waiting for another response, we heard light whispers but could not make them out. We took the path back around to the field. We received another EMF hit as we were leaving the wooded area along with another EVP, as if the spirits were not quite ready for us to leave. By then we were feeling very drained and decided we should start wrapping this day up. We went back down to the field and to the same spot we first spoke with the spirit of the little boy believed to be named Tim or maybe Jim from past EVP review. We brought him the toy as we had promised, a Spider-man action figure. We spoke to him for about 20 minutes waiting for a response but sadly received none. After reviewing the day evidence we discovered that it doesn’t have to be midnight for the ghosts to come out. They are always with you.