Smoke Stacks Night Investigation, Millington, TN February 11, 2011


The ruins of an old gunpowder factory during the world wars is what you see left scattered around in fields and woods in the quiet West TN neighborhood but it’s what you can’t see that draws investigators to the area. Legends of a deadly plane crash or the underground tunnels being the last resting place for victims of a wondering mass murder or the reports  of the Satan worshipping that possible continues today is what’s fueling this location paranormal experiences making it a hot spot for local investigators.


Many legends surround this area, however the only truth we could find was that the ruins that are found throughout the woods and the smoke stacks themselves are from a gun factory in the 1940s. The build did experience an explosion that claimed the life of one employee. There also was a plane crash nearby in 1944 where 9 of the 10 crew members lost their lives. From our time spent here that doesn’t seem to be the only terrible history connected to this location. I really feel that this is one past that only the spirits could truly tell.


As we geared up we surveyed the area, because of the lack of light could not make out much. We could see large formations which must have been the old factory that seemed to be buried in the woods. None of us were truly eager to begin our investigation, one of our teammates could not even make it out onto the path. She returned to the car after only 20 minutes, which later proved to not be such a bad thing since we sent her with an audio recorder which received EVPs while she sat alone in the car. Seems like the spirits had their eyes on all of us. We found a wide path that headed toward the smoke stacks, as we were entering the woods we heard whispers all around us. As we stopped to listen there was a large movement right next to us in the woods. It sounded like a deer running through the bushes, but once we yelled out in a attempt to scare it off the noise just stopped. We never saw an animal nor did we hear any movement again. We got the feeling something did not want us there. Once we reached the end of the path we realized we would have to go deeper into the woods off the path to explore the ruins. Aware that there are uncovered tunnel openings out there, we decided this was as far as we were going tonight. As we walked back toward the car and we reached an open field we received a hit on our K2 meter. We began to ask questions and watch as the spirit would light up the meter in response. We even pulled out a flashlight and used that to communicate. We stood there in awe for 30 minutes watching the lights amazingly light up in sync with our questions. In all what we believe we learned is that we were speaking with a little boy that thought he was lost. He wasn’t scared and claimed to have lots of friends that were just like him. Let me remind you, we learned all of this simply by asking him yes or no questions and watching him respond by turning the light on and off. He did this perfectly on cue the whole time. I must say I was amazed and could have stayed there for hours talking with him. Soon though we heard coyotes in the distance as they seemed to be getting closer and closer we were forced to wrap it up. We made a promise to him that we would be back to visit and asked if he would like a toy. Of course he did and we decided on a superhero action figure. We said our goodbyes and made it back to our cars and our lone teammate, recorder still in hand. We wanted to know so badly who this little boy was and why he was left here. Our time at this location was not finished…