Salem New Cumberland Church

August 13, 2011 – Salem New Cumberland Church

Night Investigation:

I have to admit, we went into this investigation with very little to go on. It had been a long summer with our families and very little ghost action. We were just looking to shake the dust off our ghost hunting skills and get out. I think most investigators would understand what I mean when I say you just have that itch to be in a spooky place, in the middle of the night, loaded down with gear, talking to yourself, waiting, hoping for the thrill of seeing some kind of response. And this night we sure got that thrill.


We pulled up to Salem Cumberland Church around 11:30 p.m. The church sat on a dark and quiet road with only a few houses nearby. The only light we had was from the full moon above us and a small amount of light coming in through the trees near the highway behind the graveyard. As soon as we walked through the gates, we found ourselves at a standstill. Only minutes after we entered, I believed I saw a shadow move along the back of the graveyard and stopped to check it out. Then I had a strange feeling that there was someone standing right next to me. Chris was still close to the gate and believed she was seeing movement at the front of the church by the entrance and not in the graveyard. After the movement seemed to just stop, we moved to the center of the graveyard to look over the whole grounds. Having never been here in the daylight we stood in the moonlight to get a better view. I felt more relaxed than and the feeling on someone beside me had pasted. We began an EVP session and took photos all around as with attempted to connect with the spirits. The night seemed quiet until we heard a sound that no paranormal investigator likes to hear…people! Real live people coming down the road toward the church. They were speaking very loudly but somehow still heard noise in the graveyard and began scanning the space with their eyes. They called out “Who’s down there?” A moment later when we didn’t respond they yelled louder “Answer Me” Again we froze and didn’t respond, concerned we began collecting our things and heading to the car. I believe they couldn’t even see us fully and only saw movement in the graveyard and wanted to see what it was. They ended up passing the church and continuing down the road toward the highway. We could hear them discussing what they may have seen as their voices faded away. We hurried to the car and failed to turn off our recorders, which later when reviewing the audio proved to us that you don’t have to be in the graveyard to for the spirits to reach you. We were only at Salem Cumberland Church for one hour and walked away with some interesting evidence, so it’s safe to say that this is not the last of this location for us.

-Wendy Schultz

Day Investigation:

Being that this was a graveyard that we had only seen in passing and had not reviewed prior to our hunt, I went back to the cemetery during the day to get a good idea of the layout of the grounds. I felt that the evidence we walked away with was pretty substantial for only having been on the grounds for an hour without getting as deep into the investigation as we both would have liked. I wanted to see if there was more to this location than just getting chased out by the locals…


I was surprised to find some very old and poorly maintained gated grave sites. Those specific areas didn’t seem to be maintained at all. The grass was overgrown where the now forgotten lay to rest, and the fences that close them in are falling apart. I’ve spotted this in three areas around the graveyard, and it’s very strange, as the graveyard is actually very nicely kept up. While, I am sure these are really just a few forgotten loved ones, I found it very sad. These grave sites really added to the overall creepy feel you get as you walk through the graveyard. Even during the day with the sunlight, you cannot shake the feeling that you’re being watched.

I only snapped a handful of pictures, but upon my review I did find one picture that helps add validity to why I felt like I was not alone, and why I feel that this is truly a haunted grave site…

-Chris Duncan