February 26, 2010 - Atoka Bethel Presbyterian Cemetery Atoka, TN


Living just miles from this location, Bethel Cemetery as most simply call it, it’s a guarantee you will hear the story of the beast that haunts it. These grounds are said to house a very unfriendly spirit with a dog like head, lion sized body with coarse mane like hair, and deep red eyes. Many people from the area claim to have seen it and describe it the same way each time. It seems this beast doesn’t like visitors in the cemetery after hours and has chased these witnesses all the way to the cemetery gates. On one occasion the people claim that once they cleared the fence the creature slammed into the gate so hard it shook, however still made no attempt to continue to chase them once it saw they weren’t on the cemetery grounds anymore.


After reports like that, of course this had to be first on our list to investigate! We had visited the cemetery twice before this date and had yet to encounter any beast or any spirits for that matter. We were beginning to question if we were doing something wrong. This night washed those concerns clean away though.

We managed to record an EMF spike on video while hearing a man’s voice at the same time, disappointingly the voice was not captured on our equipment. **To skip straight to the evidence scroll down to “Findings” below.


The Atoka Bethel Presbyterian Cemetery sits back on a busy road in Atoka, and is within walking distance to a farm and other suburban houses. Most of the night you will hear cars driving up and down the main street, cows or even dogs howling at the moon. It makes for a pretty tough investigation, and being aware of your surroundings comes in handy especially when reviewing your evidence.


We arrived at the cemetery just after 12:00 AM, and decided to head straight down the path to the back of the cemetery were an old tree strands along the chain link the fence. On our previous investigation we heard strange noises while having strong feelings of pressure in this location. We feel that this might be our high activity spot and wanted to get stated there right away. Wendy began filming as we walked, all the time focusing her camera on the EMF meter. In the chill of the night, we slowly walked further into the darkness, following the trail. While we called out to the spirits, asking routine questions, I snapped pictures of our path. Out of nowhere, I caught an image of a white smoke/mist image. I noticed it right away as it was completely out place. I immediately took several other pictures of the same spot, and of the surrounding area, but the picture could not be reproduced. Oddly enough the picture was taken as we approached our hot spot near the old tree. The feelings of pressure came on again just as before, and were documented by both myself and Wendy. We hoped that the pressure we were feeling would be due to an energy collection by the spirit, and waited for it to manifest itself. I continued to take more pictures, but after some time the pressure disappeared. We packed up our gear for the night and decided to make our way back home and review our evidence.


Picture 1 : A white mist figure that appeared out of nowhere. The image was noted and documented at the time the picture was taken, however we were unable to reproduce the image after several attempts. This was taken while walking down the path to the back of the graveyard.


Picture 2: A white mist that appeared in the upper left corner of the picture. This image was not seen at the time the picture was taken, and is facing the gravestones that are near the old tree in the back of the cemetery.


Video: This image is of our EMF detector going off while we heard a mans voice in the graveyard.