April 10, 2010 - W.A. Rogers Cemetery Atoka TN


While preparing to do a follow up investigation at the Bethel Cemetery, we were speaking with a officer of the local police department regarding local legends and lores. The police officer admitted that the W.A. Rogers Cemetery which sits right next to the Bethel cemetery has always scared him far more than any of the other stories around town. He claimed he had heard voices while walking through the cemetery and felt as if eyes were following him. He had been told that the W.A. Rogers Cemetery was used to lay to rest criminals, so he could see why spirits did not seem to like his presents there. **To Skip to the Evidence, scroll down to “Findings”.


We immediately changed our plans for the evening and stumbled down the old path in the dark to the WA Rogers Cemetery gates. Even with a full moon, there seemed to be no light at all as the cemetery is surrounded by tall pine trees. We made our way into the cemetery taking notice of the stones as we walked through. There seemed to be a number of children and teenagers in the very front of the yard. There was no way to tell whether any of the stones belonged to criminals. We began our EVP sessions, but was unsure how we should gear our conversation. Are we dealing with children that left the whole too soon or harden criminals scaring local police officers? It was around 2 A.M. and the night was very still, so we hoped to get a response. As we walked deeper into the cemetery, there was a cold spot and we were amazed when we received readings on our EMF meter in this space. The cold seemed to dances around us in this one spot for 15 seconds or so before disappearing.


Very excited with this experience we snapped away with our camera and received a few photos of a strange white mist that was not visible with our eyes and did not appear the same in photos as our breath did. One investigator even felt as if she had walked into a spiderweb, however we couldn’t find any webbing to remove, plus the trees were 20 feet away or more on either side. This activity continued for at least an hour before it all just seemed to stop. The whole time we ran and audio recorder and could not wait to review our evidence and discover just who was trying to communicate with us.


A white cloud that seemed to manifest from nowhere and disappeared just as quickly. This photo was taken as an investigator felt as of she was being touched.


A white mist appeared in the top of this picture at the same time this was taken we were experiencing a cold spot.


This appears to be a shadow image that formed as the picture was taken and appears on both the left and right side, however the image is much more pronounced on the right side.


Audio Files: