June 5, 2010 - Watseka Wonder House / Roff Home Watseka. IL


Called “America’s first documented case of spiritual possession”, the Watseka Wonder is the strange case of the possession of a young lady named Lurancy Vennum by the spirit of Mary Roff. After attempting to harm herself Mary Roff was placed in a state hospital. Sadly Mary died there only a few years later in 1865 at age 19. It is believed Mary returned 12 years later within the body of 14 year old Lurancy Vennum right before Lurancy’s family was to send her away to the very same state hospital. To read more on their stories visit www.roffhome.com

The Watseka Wonder House is where Lurancy lived for 100 days as Mary Roff with the Roff family and is reported to have an extreme level of paranormal activity.


We arrived on a Saturday evening eager to start the investigation. The house is being renovated after standing alone and vacant for 70 years, the owner John says this has stirred alot of the strange activity in the home. We met with our tour guide for the evening, a renowned psychic named Ken. While taking us on a journey through the area’s history and a complete walk of the ground, the guide reveals every dirty little secret of the home that had been so carefully tucked away throughout the years in this quite little town of Watseka, IL.


As the dark of night set we started our investigation on the top floor of the home. This level provided access to what was Lurancy Vennum’s room, along with bedrooms for mother, father, and a baby’s room that has been converted to a closet during past renovations. Toward the back of the upper level where servants room next to that stairs that lead to the kitchen. We started an EVP session in the room. We received a few small reading on the EMF meter and an abrupt battery drain on one of our cameras that was fully charged moments before. Furthermore we had a flashlight in an investigators’s pocket began to flicker, after changing batteries the flicker continued for as long as we remained on this floor. We found a couple of interesting audio recordings on our recorders after reviewing our evidence. Which leads us to believe we were in the presence of an intelligent spirit as we received direct responses to questions.


We were alerted to a storm outside reaching it’s park as tornado sirens began to sounded. We were asked to move to the basement until it passed. We kept our recorders going and discussed the evenings events so far and surprisingly received a few strange sounds on our recorders. This was interesting as the spirits just seem to be joining the conversations but we were complete unaware of it. Once the sirens ended, we remained in the basement as we went to start an EVP session we discovered our digital recorder had shut itself off and began a new recording all on it’s own. None of the function buttons were pushed. Early our tour guide and the owner had shared with us that they believed the spirits of small children as well as a darker entity of a past resident reside in the shadows of the basement. The darker entity is said to leave a nasty impression, so here’s hoping it was the children just playing with us.


On the main level we explored the kitchen where there have been reports of the feeling of being watched, The current owner even admitted he stayed away from the kitchen for the first several months due to the eerie feeling. He told us that he had been contacted by someone who as a little girl would come to the house and jump on a trampoline in the backyard. The kitchen window looks straight out into the backyard, and the contact said that she always felt a presence of someone watching her from the kitchen. She never felt settled being near the house and mentioned that the feeling was of a bad nature. As we started an EVP session here we experienced a total loss of battery power on one of our pieces of equipment.

The rest of the main level seemed still and the air felt heavy even with a cool breeze outside and the windows and door open. However nothing seemed to be reacting to us. We moved back upstairs to try a Ghost Box session before calling it a night. We each took turns asking questions and seemed to be getting some responses.


When asked who we were talking to, we got the named Bruce. We also asked how many spirits were with us and was given an answer in the form of a count…”6,7, 8” It was later mentioned by the owner that he had a similar experience using a ghost box on the stairs just outside of Lurancy’s room. Though he had encountered a much more unfriendlier spirit. As we were packing up to leave, we thanked the spirits for their participation that evening while the ghost box was still running, we collected one last message…”Leave” .


As an investigator is having issues with her flashlight, it suddenly comes on by itself.

As we are doing a Ghost Box session we receive the past owner’s last name, Roff

While doing a Ghost Box session we receive the name Bruce

As the owner is telling us the story of the spirit that watches from the kitchen window, this photo was taken. In the window behind the owner you can see what looks like a reflection of a person at first, however the arm of the “person” is solid not translucent like a reflection would be.


This picture was taken while in the basement. We were sitting near the cellar door and holding an EVP session when this strange mist form was caught on camera.


While on the second floor Investigator 1 says “I’m taking video” and Investigator 2 says “ This place gives me the creeps” and then you hear this strange chattering noise.

While outside with no one speaking at the time, this evp was caught. It sounds like “House” with the “ou” being exaggerated in such a weird voice.

While doing an evp session in the father’s room, you will hear a response that sounds like “yes” to our question about 8 seconds in, followed by low whispering from a male voice.

As Chris was doing an Eevp session in the infant’s closet, she hears a noise for the other side of the door. She returns to the team to ask if anyone was in that area. After the team responds no this evp is caught on Chris’s recorder “There somebody else here”

As an investigator is having issues with her flashlight she is asked “When did you change you batteries last?” then you hear a spirit voice respond “It’s not your battery”

As we ask “Is there a tornado coming?” a spirit in a very low soft voice responds “Yes”

Just after witnessing our recorder shut off and then back on all by itself, this evp that sounds like a child screaming is caught on the new recording. You were hear us discussing the odd occurrence with the recorder.

You will hear a loud screech while the owner of the house is talking.

As we notes how freaky the layout of the basement area is, you can hear a spirit voice ask “What’s there?”

This ghostly moan was caught in the basement as we were doing an evp session.

While in the basement trying to provoke any spirits you hear Wendy laugh and say “Yeah” and then a disembodied “Shh”

While in the kitchen an investigator ask “Are there any spirits with us?” and a spirit voice replies “Gets weirder” or “that’s weird”. You will hear a beeping noise from our camera as we were review photos. After this evp we also experienced a battery drain with another camera.

Please use headphones with this one. Just after we play the piano in the family room of the main level, you can hear a deep breath that even one of our investigators reacted to.

This strange sound was caught outside the home by the front stairs.

After Wendy comments that the most recent owner died in the home, this comment came through on our Ghost Box

After we had announced we were leaving, this is the last communication that came through on the Ghost Box, “Leave”