May 8, 2010 - Salem Presbyterian Church Atoka, TN


We arrived at the Salem Presbyterian Cemetery just after 12:30 a.m. The cemetery seemed to be well lit, however the light from the church only cast so far, and the deeper into the graveyard you got the darker it became. We found a path that led us straight to the site of the unmarked graves, where only a stone maker sits. It’s purpose, to pay respect to the dozens that lie buried in the empty green field. **To skip to our evidence, scroll down to “Findings”


We made our way down to the base of the damp green hill to begin our EVP session. Now in the actual unmarked site, where Native Americans and unknown slaves were buried some time before the Civil War. We stood there questioning the chilly night air, hoping for any sign of response. We spotted a small group of headstones oddly off alone by the trees that lined the cemetery and was just outside the memorial space. As we walked closer to inspect the stones, Wendy received a hit on the EMF meter. As we read the names on the gravestones, realizing they were family plots that even stretched into the wooded area, the EMF meter continued to receive spikes.


Once the activity slowed, we moved up the hill to the back of the cemetery. The mood seemed to change and felt more and more eerie with each step. The strange feeling came over us and our stomachs began to turn. Then a low growl was heard just a few feet from us in the woods. We each hear it and luckily enough it was caught on our recorders as well. As none of us were there to hunt animals we moved back away from the treeline just in case. Wendy and I walked back toward the church, as we started up a hill I saw a white light that moved quickly from right to left over the heads of our group in the distance. Unfortunately no one else witness this moment. It’s always disappointing to see something possibly paranormal with your own eyes and not have any documentation to back it up.

Before leaving around 2:00 a.m. we visited the area of the unmarked graves once more. As we tried another EVP session, we had no idea in that moment that the spirits seemed to be over our visit. Seem like even spirit have a bedtime.


A white mist swirling over a gravestone, that was not seen with the naked eye.


Hit on EMF meter at the location where a orb was later caught.

Hit on EMF meter while orb picture was taken.

A low growl captured on the audio and also heard by the investigators at the time.

A female hum captured on audio.

A female whisper “Thank you” while investigators were speaking to one another.

Ghostly voice captured seems to be directing it’s message toward Wendy after a EVP session, “I hate Wendy”

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