Trigger Objects By: Chris Duncan Written: February 9, 2017


What do you think about using trigger objects on your ghost explorations? I pose this question a lot because I enjoy getting feedback and ideas from others who investigate the paranormal. Believe it or not I usually receive a mixed bag of reactions and opinions on the subject. One of the most interesting ideas that I've encountered is the theory that using trigger objects creates an attachment, and therefore a haunting. And if you consider the purpose behind using a trigger object, this theory makes a lot of sense. Your attempting to stimulate a memory in order to open the line of communication between you and an entity. By doing so, the entity might find a deeper attachment within the trigger object which would allow the entity to travel with you outside of the location that was affected. 


I get that, but I also agree with the idea that trigger objects are useful with aiding in the overall communication process. We use trigger objects on our investigations when we feel they can be helpful. One of ours is an old porcelain doll with a wind up music box that plays "A spoon full of Sugar." She is dressed as a nurse, even has a cap, and stockings, and we have named her Nurse Nancy. We hoped that she would be useful as some of the locations we have visited have darker histories that include the deaths of children. I can report that she has not brought anything home, not that I am aware of anyway. But sometimes I feel that entities are more drawn to interact with her then they are with us, the investigators.


Partially because Nurse Nancy is a friendly little toy. She's not someone that can cause any harm or wrong doing. Meanwhile we are still strangers, regardless of how friendly we are when trying to communicate during our investigations. We are still the unfamiliar outsiders invading their space... Other trigger objects that we've found to be effective  are story books. Reading aloud helps to surface memories from the past and allows the communication to flow easily, same as music.  I feel that when you introduce these elements into your investigation your not only prompting those memories to surface, but you may also be opening your self up to the possibility of an attachment. So, having said all of this, where do you stand on the idea?