Creatures of the Night - Life and the Paranormal By: Chris Duncan Written: March 14, 2017


We are investigators of the paranormal. We wear all black and carry around heavy equipment bags. We creep around cemeteries after hours, and sit in the darkness hoping that we receive answers to our questions by the light of the moon. That's right, every cliche that comes to mind when you think of ghost hunters... Well that's us. We pay to investigate locations with our hard earned money, and we then devote every spare moment of our time divulging very personal experiences to complete strangers. We are real people, with real lives, and over 7 years ago we decided one cold New Years Eve that it meant a lot to both of us to learn as much as we could about the afterlife. 


Though the purpose of this entry is not to discuss our findings, in fact it has nothing to do with any of our past cases. Because ghost hunting has become such a serious craft for so many and yet it remains a complete joke for others, I thought it was about time to let you all know that we are just a couple of regular people with regular full time jobs. We're not psychic mediums, clairvoyants, witches, fortune tellers or soothsayers. We don't practice the dark arts in our basements or have intentions to summon any evil spirits. We have a deep interest in the paranormal and continuously struggle as a couple of moms pursuing our journey into the unknown ... 


With all of that said I want to point out how long the journey is for us most times. We are on the road a lot! And by a lot I mean exactly that. We have found ourselves faced with lengthy 8 hour road trips just to reach our long awaited paranormal hot spot. And at the end of our exciting all-night investigation, we pack up, drink an extra large coffee or red bull, or both, and drive straight home. We choose not to stay over at a hotel afterwards, even though we could. We feel obligated to get back home, and back to our families. We have to prepare dinner and get our little ones ready for school and ourselves ready for work. Just like any other regular mom would do...  


We enjoy every minute of it, and I tend to think that is the general attitude of most people within our paranormal circle. Unfortunately there are others that are unfamiliar with the idea or have never had an interest in investigating the paranormal that seem to have formed a negative image of the type of person that goes ghost hunting. I am here to tell you generally speaking, we're all pretty much extremely ordinary. I wanted to write this down for anyone that felt like we're all just a bunch of silly kids... Well, we're not. We are raising our own families, paying bills and we pursue leads of haunted activity during our spare time...


I am very lucky to have had these unforgettable opportunities venturing out and exploring the unknown. This was always a deep interest of mine though I never imagined I would find myself all geared up, in the middle of the night seeking out those answers in some of the most terrifying locations across the US. We've had the chance to bond over these crazy, unexplained experiences. And after all of our road trips, we've come to know each other very well and now have a deeper understanding of what we are both still searching for... I am fortunate that through these adventures I have found my paranormal soul sister! I never would have made it this far, or have even attempted to investigate some of these places without her. Yes, I would still have my regular life! I would still be making diner each night and helping my husband with the dishes afterwards... But at least I can say that because Wendy and I share this bond and common interest in the paranormal, my life will never be boring.