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Moundsville Shadow Person By: Chris Duncan Written: March 8, 2017

While investigating the Moundsville Penitentiary in West Virginia, this image was captured using a regular DSLR camera and flash. I was the only one taking pictures at this time as my group had lingered in the cafeteria hosting a successful EVP session. I had an overwhelming sensation that someone or something was just beyond the fence and gate. Maybe it was the spirit that my team was communicating with? I removed myself from the group hoping to obtain more evidence. I snapped picture after picture in an attempt to catch whatever it was that I felt was back there...


Suddenly I noticed this image in the lower left of the picture. I see a shadow of a person that is blocking the fence, however it couldn't have been my shadow.  If it were myself, someone would have had to have flashed a light from behind me, causing a shadow to appear against the fence. Though the only light in this image is from my camera because, as I said previously, I was the only one taking pictures at this time. In addition, had this been my shadow, wouldn't my arms also be visible since I was holding the camera up to my face? Have you captured any similar pictures? I would love to get to the bottom of this, please share your experiences!