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Sedamsville Rectory Basement Creeper By: Chris Duncan Written: March 21, 2017

As we started our investigation for the evening inside the infamous Sedamsville Rectory we headed straight down the steep staircase into the musty basement. This area seemed to be very active for a lot of  people so we were eager to get down there and check it out for ourselves. This happens to be one of the very first photographs taken at this location. Though it is hard to see, there appears to be a shadowy cloaked figure trying to hunker down and hide itself in the darkness. At the time this image was captured I was using a full spectrum light which was seated on my Canon DSLR camera. I was actually trying to take photographs without the use of a flash, hoping that the full spectrum light would aide in total darkness while not causing my poor partner to suffer through blind spots as I flashed away.  


However you can clearly see here how my experiment only seemed to illuminate one half of the basement in this picture. I have several pictures just like this, again I was trying a new technique here. Even though I feel that my test failed to completely illuminate the entire room for the purpose of documenting the entire scene, I think that I was still able to capture something unique and possibly paranormal here. We didn't really sense anything down in the basement, which was strange given all the stories we heard. However all the other ghost hunting equipment, cameras and alarms scattered throughout the basement set up earlier by the owners clearly led us to think that they must be preparing for something to happen. Was this what they were looking for?


I zoomed in on this last image so that you can make out the dark figure that I've captured a little more clearly. Even though we were in total darkness attempting to take pictures with a camera that is meant for use with a flash and instead chose to only illuminate the area with our full spectrum light, I feel this is still an image worth mentioning... Would I have captured something easier to identify had I used my night vision camera? Possibly, but there is also a chance that  I wouldn't have captured anything at all...  You have to try different techniques and equipment while in the field because in the end you never know what is going to aide in your attempts to make contact. I can say that in the basement there was a dog cage and even a metal dog bowl sitting out there on the floor. The image that appears as a person shrouded in the darkness was not a live person. In fact the area all around the dog kennel is pretty much wide open. While I'm not able to determine exactly what was captured here, I am able to say that my attempt to try something different was not a complete failure either. What do you think?

Sedamsville Rectory, Demon By: Chris Duncan Written: January 23, 2017

This is the picture of one happy ghost hunter before her overnight investigation at the Sedamsville Rectory in Cincinnati Ohio. This infamous building is literally a stones throw away from Bobby Mackey's, which sits just across the border in Kentucky. Very eager to get the investigation underway after a grueling 7 and 1/2 hours drive, she charged into the house full of determination! Confident that this would be an interesting evening, she neglected to take the time to add protection to herself. This would have been a good idea given the sinister past and dark haunting that continues to infest this location. I say all of this now because several hours later it became immediately necessary for her to seek out medical attention. 

What she did not know is that this type of haunting wants to capture you. It wants to make you physically sick and wants you to suffer in pain. This is exactly what it did to her. Why this happened to her and no body else in the group? My only guess is that she was the weakest link in the equation. The only real non-threat. Because she did not find her path with God prior to entering into the house it meant that she was fair game for this demonic entity. This, I feel, was a very poor choice for her to make as she later learned. Relax, she is still alive. She just barely made it to the hospital in time for the doctors to remove her rupturing appendix. 

I thought it would be best to write this down and share this as my own mistake might help you to be more aware of the things that await you on your ghost exploration. It is extremely important to research and fully understand what you are about to face, and be ready for it in the event that it presents itself to you. In this situation I was not. I thought I could just easily walk back out of the room it had spawned in. The putrid stench had manifested so quickly, I gagged and tried to turn around. The moment I realized what was going on it was already to late. It recognized me, and it latched onto me. There are forces among us that pose a serious risk and you can never be too cautious. Always remember this wherever you are headed and always be prepared.