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Villisca Axe Murder House **Just for Laughs** By: Chris Duncan Written: August 25, 2017

So we lived through the night, and decided to tell our tale... The next day, after a not so restful evening we where moving slowly through the house in Iowa known mostly for the brutal Axe murders that took place in 1912, and at this time we were gathering our things in order to leave. Between our trips to and from the vehicle, I noticed that Wendy was engaged in a conversation with a local gentleman. He was apparently giving her his version of the historical events that took place on the premises of which we just endured a very uneasy evening... 

At which time he decided to let us know that he watched us throughout the evening from his front row seat across the street and had also taken something from inside the house a very long time ago he believes would have been integral in convicting Rev. Kelly... Now I'm not an expert on people, though I felt like this one was taking us for a ride. I am still not exactly sure if he was A. just looking to scare us, B. become a part of our story or C. hear about our encounters in the house first hand. However all three options apply at this time.

Here is the video we made just after we were safe and sound, and back inside the murder house after our unusual conversation with this man... I might add that the only time we felt safe and sound inside this house was at this time, and the time that occurred when we first arrived. Just before the sun set…

Psychic Links By: Wendy Schultz Written: February 5, 2017
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Love me or hate me for it but I will not hide my appreciation and love for the Ghost Adventures show! I know, I know! Zak Bagans is over the top at times and Aaron Goodwin is a goofball but I feel that their unique characteristics add to the charm of the show and keeps the overall feeling of the show down to earth. They are entertaining as hell, and I feel that this team has always put their whole heart and soul into their investigations. I've been a fan since the beginning and love getting my weekly GAC fix. Having said all of this I cannot not leave Nick Groff out. I have a great respect for Nick's approach and his new show as well. His oddly calm demeanor during the freakiest moments always leaves me wondering "what is going on in this dude's head?" These guys were the reason I felt comfortable enough opening up about my experiences. They made paranormal investigating look cool. Sure people crack jokes and maybe don't believe everything that happens to them but I've learned a lot from them over the years and have truly enjoyed every episode. 


Is this how I see myself investigating? Are all locations this action packed? I mean we have been to a lot of the same places as they have but does that mean the devil has been haunting us ever since. Not by a long shot, yes we've had exciting experiences, yes we have had emotional experiences that didn't always end at the location but are we having meltdowns and yelling "dude!" all the time, no... However the connection that these guys have is something I can relate to. Zak Bagans said in his second book that his crew is like his family. The experiences they have had together have bonded them to each other like no one else could really understand if they weren’t there. Chris and I absolutely have this same connection. When she feels something on an investigation I sense the difference in her and react. When she's scared, I'm scared. It's more than being protective of someone, it's a type of psychic link. I think when you share moments that can not be explained, that you truly don’t know the depth of how they can effect you, yet you still walk hand in hand together into these situations, you connect with one another on a level that is beyond a simple partnership.


A friend asked me the other day if I saw the Goat Man Bridge episode where Zak and Aaron where both attacked. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a pretty intense episode. My friend was laughing about how cute it is that they still get scared on location and it got me thinking. First of all, I do agree it is adorable that they show us their true feelings and they are not numb to the emotions investigating can put you through. But I also started thinking, you know Zak has been extra emotional in the most recent sessions, really since Nick has been gone. Now, I have no idea what happened with Nick leaving the show and I don't begin to know Zak's personal life but what if they had that same psychic link? Nick's mellow attitude maybe helped to keep Zak calm. Maybe Aaron's energy is too much like Zak's and when one is scared or concerned they both just become on high alert and that’s when the "Dudes!" and "Oh man!" starts getting yelled and the running starts! 

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While investigating at the Villisca Ax Murder House we found ourselves in the heat of the action. We were getting responses on our spirit box, there were footsteps on the stairs, we were seeing strange lights as if the house just woke up for the night. We had been sitting in the bedroom on the first floor when it all started, then we moved to the kitchen and the entire atmosphere just felt wrong. Like a sudden static charge pulsed through the room and silenced all sounds. Freezing everything momentarily. Before we could even share our feelings with each other the door leading outside suddenly opened. The door opened and closed on its own and we stood watching in shock. Our first concern was to confirm whether a real person was there trying to enter the house. It was just Chris and I there that night to investigate, we had the entire place to ourselves. No one should be coming to the door. Then when we realized that no one was there, I was ready to use this impressive event to start beefing this investigation up. It’s go time, right? One problem my partner locked in place, that overpowering feeling that something was wrong still surrounded her.

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In my mind I was ready but my body could not stop shaking. I look over to her to see she’s shaking too, with her back to the stairs she told me there was something not good in this house and we needed to leave. In one moment her fear over took me and that was all I needed to grab my camera and say "Ok, lets go!" We took a long break in our car eventually going back in to the house. When we re-entered the whole feeling of the house was different. We walked around, positioned our equipment for the night, and hit record. As we were stepping out to take another break I felt that feeling again coming up right behind me I wanted to turn and face it, explore what didn’t want us there but it's like the brakes were hit when I could feel that Chris still just wasn't sure about our safety in this house. 

Maybe digging too deep was a bad idea, so I decided to follow her lead. We seem to balance each other, as I feel the Ghost Adventure Crew must balance each other as well after so many years together. That link of yin and yang acts in a way as a protection against these unknown forces. I’m telling you it may just be what keeps that devil from following us home.

Working on Villisca By: Chris Duncan Written: January 22, 2017

Still reviewing the Villisca Axe murder house tonight. This was one interesting night for us! We would leave the building to take short breaks and allow our devices to continuously record. I am finding that the footsteps, knocks, loud bangs, and whispers that we encountered, continued on... We also experienced doors being opened and slammed right in our faces. An occurrence that persisted even while we were not in the house. This place oozes with activity! I can't wait to see what I find next!