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The Legend of the Glowing Gravestone By: Chris Duncan Written: February 13, 2017

In Portsmouth New Hampshire there is an old graveyard that sits at the corner of a very busy intersection. This is the South Street Cemetery. And while it is most well known for being the final resting spot of the two victims from the brutal Smuttynose Island murders, I am actually highlighting a strange phenomena that occurs at the cemetery regularly. The bizarre site of the glowing headstone is a local phenomenon that has been discussed and puzzled over by the residents of this small town for years. It is amazing to see, though I must warn you. The homeless take shelter in the graveyard at night. So if you must stop by for a glimpse of this rather unnatural occurrence, I suggest that you are very careful. 


Firstly the glowing stone sits nestled between two neighboring stones, neither of which produce the same haunting iridescence. Second, the glow of the tombstone can be seen regardless of the weather conditions. Basically I'm telling you that you will see the glow in any condition. Whether there is a moon or is not, whether it rains or on a clear night, whether cars pass by with their headlights or not, you will still see the greenish white glow produced by the stone at night. No one has yet to identify the reason for this rare spectacle. Many guessed that it is just the moon, but again it can be seen glowing even when the moon is hidden. Others claim that it has something to do with the stone containing luminous properties, such as Uranium. But then why is this unique to this one stone in New Hampshire? I would speculate that there must be other illuminating headstones if that were the case. Surely this one stone didn't get all of the glowing minerals. Could it be that there is something more to the deceased buried here?


If that is the case, 68 year old Eunice Burns took her secrets with her to the grave in 1884. I have reluctantly found no mention of her having died from natural or unnatural causes. Lucky for her the witch hysteria in New England began in 1898 which came 14 years after she had passed on. Since this was the time that more reports of the unusual were being recorded, it is likely that I will never know any more about the passing of Eunice or the reason why she lay under the glowing stone in South Street Cemetery. This legend will remain a mystery for myself as it has for many of the locals here.