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Lemp Secrets By: Chris Duncan Written: February 22, 2017

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the Lemp Mansion, I highly encourage you to do so. The building is beautiful, the food is fantastic and the wait staff is bar none. The fact that the mansion has been seeded with a somber past only sweetens the deal for me! I could continue going on about my love of this location, but I think you get the point. There was however one incident that, for a lack of a better description, I found odd. Yes, I know how this sounds. I was knowingly ghost hunting in a building where people took their own lives and yet I found something odd? But, this was different, I found something that I was not expecting. As we headed upstairs after our dinner, we stopped off in the gift shop. There are books and pictures, great historical pieces lining the shelves and feeling like we had stumbled upon a mini museum built inside a vault in the mansion, I was doing my best to soak up every inch of it.


As my eyes followed the outline of the glass display case I stopped suddenly, spotting something rather out of place. A human skull, charred, and left on display for all to see. Nestled high above your natural line of sight, you would almost miss it if you were not completely surveying the room. And once it had caught my eye, I had to ask, “Is that thing real?” Well if you’re lucky enough to engage in conversation with the same Lemp historian as we did, you will find out very quickly that yes, that thing is real! The little lady was proud to share the limited knowledge she had on the skull and though she was able to confirm that the skull was from an adult and that it was retrieved from the caves on the Lemp property, few other details were available because they refused to have the skull identified. Also she made it very clear that she felt whole heartedly that the skull held some type of wicked power. She admitted to us how strongly she felt that all of the terrible occurrences over the past decade were directly related to its unearthing. And for the next 20 minutes, she sat there recounting tragedy after tragedy that she felt had transpired through some type association with the skull. I can’t put her on record, nor can I validate that any of her claims are true. 


I find it peculiar that they have a human skull so inconspicuously on display and have very little knowledge on it, but even more glaringly unusual is the fact they intend to leave it as a mystery... If it is truly a human skull as they claim it to be, why wouldn’t they do the right thing and have it identified? Was our self taught historian correct in her assumptions that it contains some type of maliciousnous? I suppose this will remain with the many secrets kept by the ghosts at the Lemp Mansion as we will never truly know these answers.

The Lemp Mansion - The Lockdown By: Wendy Schultz Written: February 6, 2017
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The Lemp family of St. Louis, MO established the Lemp Brewery in 1892, but it wasn’t their family brewery that made them famous. After the loss of a child and a friend owner, William Lemp Sr., committed suicide on February 13, 1904. Years later after the company suffered through prohibition William Lemp Jr. also took his own life in the office of the Lemp family home. I could stop there and everyone would say what a tragic story this was. A father and son both so lost in hopelessness that they feel there is nothing left to live for. The power of ones emotions, drawing the mind to believe that death is the only relief is a disease these two men seemed to share, but for the Lemp family it didn’t stop with them. Youngest daughter Elsa, and the third son of William Lemp Sr., Charles, also felt that life was too hard with no positive end. Elsa and Charles both killed themselves at different times and for different reasons. It is clear that the Lemp family had demons they were not dealing with. 

The Lemp family home is now a restaurant and inn that really plays up the family's haunting past by playing host to ghost tours, and murder mystery dinners. I had the pleasure of investigating this location in 2015 but my story today isn't about that experience. It’s about where we truly got locked down with the dead. Before every investigation we attempt to pay our respects where these lost souls have been laid to rest. We hope to gain their acceptance and make a possible physical connection that will aid in the psychic connection to the other side. The Lemp family members are buried at the amazing Bellefontaine Cemetery. The cemetery itself is seen as a tourist destination offering walking tours of the grounds that include stories of the historic individuals interred here. Some of the most famous include William Clark and the Anheuser-Busch families.

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The burial ground's are in the middle of an industrial area of the city. Yet it seemed so peaceful within the grounds, as if you were completely secluded. The aromatic flowers and trees helped you to forget that just beyond the wrought iron gates sat the bustling city. It was easily comparable to walking the paths of a garden deep in the country. We had to have been in there for hours, though the time passed us by without either of us noticing. The trails seemed to go on forever, winding and twisting deeper into the ossuary. We explored here for over an hour before finally making it to the Lemp family tomb. We spoke to the deceased, and paid our respects. The spell of the cemetery finally broken, we decided that we had lingered here long enough. We began our exit, however finding our way out would prove to be another challenge. As we approached the exit we could see that the main gates where closed. Thinking that they were possibly automatic gates, we crept closer. Now that we had pulled all the way up, the gates remained closed. At this point we could also see that they had been chained and locked! I got out of my truck, walked to the office which was just to the left of the gate, but found that no one was there! They had all left! Locked us in and left!

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I got back in the truck and my eyes fixed upon the sign on the gate that read the closing time. Checked our phones and... well shit! We just got locked into the Bellefontaine Cemetery for the night. So of course our first thought was hey maybe this isn’t such a bad thing, I mean there are a lot of individuals here worth trying to talking to! Being that the main focus of this trip was the Lemp Mansion, also neither myself or Chris were super thrilled with the idea of being arrested we began searching for a way out. We quickly discovered that this may be a common event at the Bellefontaine Cemetery because on the gate is another sign that read “If locked in, Please wait here, call security.” So we made the embarrassing call to security and waited for our savior to arrive. When he arrived he was great about the ordeal. Just smiling and giving us a friendly wave once the gate was open enough to drive out. We laughed about it as we drove on to the Lemp Mansion, though I can’t help but think that we may have missed a great opportunity there. 

Disclaimer: No we do not condone being in cemeteries or graveyards after dark without permission. Always ask permission for investigating after hours.

Lemp Mansion - Scratch By: Chris Duncan Written: February 3, 2017

Like most of you, I've had experiences where I physically felt a presence. I've sensed eyes on me by something unseen. I've felt a hand lightly brush against my face and have also had my hair pulled. I've even had a brush against my lower shin as if an animal where rubbing its face against me, though nothing was there. I've never, never, been scratched at a location, accept at The Lemp Mansion. And to me, this is the most unlikely of places to be scratched during an investigation, but it happened to me here. It was the strangest thing. It was unexpected even though all the signs where there. At that moment, it wanted to be known. It wanted to be understood, and at that moment, I did...

We were all gathered on the main floor of the mansion. At this point the group had mostly moved into the massive dining room that is immediately to the right of the grand entrance. We had our equipment out and were engaged in an investigation when we began reading high electromagnetic spikes. The meters kept alerting loudly, and because the alarm was constantly sounding I was beginning to think that they where malfunctioning. Before this night I had never seen this type of reaction in our equipment. We were in the middle of our session when the alarms became more intense. Suddenly my finger began to burn. I thought that I had been cut with a razor blade, but that didn't make any sense. I was in the middle of the room holding a meter... I didn't understand why suddenly my finger burned so badly?

It continued to burn the longer I stayed, so I left the group and went into the back hallway where I could see what was happening to my flesh. I was able to see the cut more clearly and also found that the cut was growing in size. As droplets of blood formed on my skin I was no longer confused. I knew that I had been attacked, though I didn't understand why it happened to me. I still don't understand why I was singled out that night, but I feel that this may have led to a lingering experience that I was really not prepared to deal with.

Surprisingly I've been cut several times since our investigation at this location. This has happened to me regularly, including outside of investigating the paranormal. I've received a deep gash on my arm while driving past an old church. My hands and fingers are continuously cut or scratched just as I sit on the couch or in my bed at home... Each time receiving an unexplained burning sensation, that gets deeper and more intense as time goes by. I've also had re-occurring dreams about this location, which has left me wondering if the incident that we documented at the Lemp was a meant to warn me. The meters were all triggered and alerting a presence, and I just continued on with my investigation... I can't say for sure why this all happened this way, only that just recently the cuts seemed to have cease and so have my dreams of this place. Does this mean that I have finally been ridden of this spirit?