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Waverly Hills, The Furniture By: Chris Duncan Written: January 24, 2017

So I was thinking about our stay at Waverly Hills again, and just how interesting this place really is. Throughout the night it would just come alive and then completely quite down, or the opposite. We tried a technique on the third floor involving the use of a pendulum and a board that allowed us to communicate in real time. This seemed promising in the beginning. We started getting hits on our questions. The pendulum would sway left to right indicating no and then immediately switch and swing up and down, indicating yes. But just as quickly as it had started up for us, it had stopped. 

The pendulum became still, not even a pulse. We sat there focused on the pendulum, hoping that the line had not been broken. It had become completely silent, and the pendulum just remained still. Just as we decided to pack it up, a very loud noise screeched from outside of our room! Suddenly one of the other rooms on the floor had become alive! It was so loud it felt as if the source was just outside of our room. We sat there for a moment realizing that the activity had moved on and that we had lingered there for apparently too long! The noise we all heard was that of furniture being moved from one end of the room to the next. We clearly heard the sound of something heavy, scraping against the cold cement! Screeching as it was being pushed and then dragged along the floor.

We hurriedly left the room to see what the cause of this noise was. Each of us with flashlight in hand scoured the remaining rooms on the floor, though nothing was disturbed. Moving from room to room we carefully examined each, positive that we would find evidence of what we had just heard. Again we found nothing. After we made our way to the complete opposite end of the hallway it became clear that we were not going to confirm the source. As I remember this experience and how we all fled into the hallway to search for this entity, I wonder... Was the noise we heard just a way of forcing us out of that room? Had we began to ask questions that it did not like? Or, could it have just been a residual noise of something that happened in the past?  We will have to wait until our next trip to investigate this occurrence further.

Waverly Hills, Ballgame By: Chris Duncan Written: January 20, 2017

Talk about dark… It was well after midnight, on the 4th floor, our vision guided by the simple light of our cameras and the moonlight that peeked through the cracked cement walls lining each empty room. It felt like we were moving through the sea. Picture walking with your eyes closed in an area you have never explored. Even though I had a team with me it seemed silent and dead. No pun intended. At this time we didn’t have any fancy lights on our cameras, just basic equipment and our senses to guide our way. We hoped that we would be able to research a building of this size with our small group and limited equipment, and we made it through, but it was tough…

The bats terrified us as we walked down the ominous corridors of this massive hospital. I still remember this night as if it were yesterday. It was ridiculously hot. The humidity was so thick it seemed as if you were being suffocated as you walked on. Our hair and clothing soaked with perspiration. Our equipment felt as if it were cemented to the sweat of our bodies as we stopped for a drink of water in the room once used for shock-therapy. Peeling off our cameras, we looked around the room and tried to take pictures. We sensed a presence here. It was ominous, sad, and we feared it. I could only envision myself being brought here against my will, suffering through their “therapy sessions” and how awful this must have been…

We pushed ourselves to continue on and moved into an area were we were told that a nurse had committed suicide. Immediately upon our arrival it seemed like we were receiving intelligent responses. We even captured a few pictures that had us scratching our heads. But as energetic and excited as we were, we quickly continued on because the communication seemed to pass. We felt that we had either missed something or we were being led somewhere and decided to move to a room that was infamous for children hauntings. This area was difficult for every member in this group because everyone in the group has children. During this investigation we even had a St Jude Children’s Hospital Pharmacist with us, and she seemed to influence the activity the most.

Waverly Hills was full of unexplained phenomena, and is a place that I wish I could understand better. Many people unfortunately found this place to be the last place that they would ever live in due to a disease that was not fully understood at the time. This location will forever hold a sincere place in my heart not only for the paranormal experiences that we encountered but also because of the many people that came here for a chance to live but found something much more dire. Waverly Hills is overwhelming, however I feel that it’s dark past forces us to accept the emotional footprint left by the victims claimed by this tragic era.