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Creatures of the Night - Life and the Paranormal By: Chris Duncan Written: March 14, 2017

We are investigators of the paranormal. We wear all black and carry around heavy equipment bags. We creep around cemeteries after hours, and sit in the darkness hoping that we receive answers to our questions by the light of the moon. That's right, every cliche that comes to mind when you think of ghost hunters... Well that's us. We pay to investigate locations with our hard earned money, and we then devote every spare moment of our time divulging very personal experiences to complete strangers. We are real people, with real lives, and over 7 years ago we decided one cold New Years Eve that it meant a lot to both of us to learn as much as we could about the afterlife. 


Though the purpose of this entry is not to discuss our findings, in fact it has nothing to do with any of our past cases. Because ghost hunting has become such a serious craft for so many and yet it remains a complete joke for others, I thought it was about time to let you all know that we are just a couple of regular people with regular full time jobs. We're not psychic mediums, clairvoyants, witches, fortune tellers or soothsayers. We don't practice the dark arts in our basements or have intentions to summon any evil spirits. We have a deep interest in the paranormal and continuously struggle as a couple of moms pursuing our journey into the unknown ... 


With all of that said I want to point out how long the journey is for us most times. We are on the road a lot! And by a lot I mean exactly that. We have found ourselves faced with lengthy 8 hour road trips just to reach our long awaited paranormal hot spot. And at the end of our exciting all-night investigation, we pack up, drink an extra large coffee or red bull, or both, and drive straight home. We choose not to stay over at a hotel afterwards, even though we could. We feel obligated to get back home, and back to our families. We have to prepare dinner and get our little ones ready for school and ourselves ready for work. Just like any other regular mom would do...  


We enjoy every minute of it, and I tend to think that is the general attitude of most people within our paranormal circle. Unfortunately there are others that are unfamiliar with the idea or have never had an interest in investigating the paranormal that seem to have formed a negative image of the type of person that goes ghost hunting. I am here to tell you generally speaking, we're all pretty much extremely ordinary. I wanted to write this down for anyone that felt like we're all just a bunch of silly kids... Well, we're not. We are raising our own families, paying bills and we pursue leads of haunted activity during our spare time...


I am very lucky to have had these unforgettable opportunities venturing out and exploring the unknown. This was always a deep interest of mine though I never imagined I would find myself all geared up, in the middle of the night seeking out those answers in some of the most terrifying locations across the US. We've had the chance to bond over these crazy, unexplained experiences. And after all of our road trips, we've come to know each other very well and now have a deeper understanding of what we are both still searching for... I am fortunate that through these adventures I have found my paranormal soul sister! I never would have made it this far, or have even attempted to investigate some of these places without her. Yes, I would still have my regular life! I would still be making diner each night and helping my husband with the dishes afterwards... But at least I can say that because Wendy and I share this bond and common interest in the paranormal, my life will never be boring.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? By: Wendy Schultz Written: February 19, 2017

Late into the night, you creep through the house. Checking that the kids are tucked in their beds, locking the doors, and turning the lights down. Then you slide into bed yourself and close your eyes. You’ve had a tough day so sleep should come easily, yet you find yourself with an odd feeling as if someone else is there. Your eyes pop open and as they become fixed on the doorway. You realize that you just watched as the dimmed light shining in from the living room lamp suddenly became brighter, but why? It must just be your senses adjusting to the dark, right? Wait... What was that sound? Probably just the ice maker you tell yourself. Still fixating on the door you tell yourself that you have to get some sleep! But as you try to settle in, the thought of what just occurred unnerves you. "Please don’t let there be a ghost in my house." You silently whisper as you lay there in the dark. 


The irony of being a paranormal investigator but then wanting nothing to do with unseen forces when it’s time to close your eyes is somewhat of a joke to me, however that’s been my life for the last few months and I can’t explain it any other way. Having said that I want to point out the work done by Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman. I am a really big fan of the technique that they use on their show Paranormal Lockdown. They confine themselves to the haunted building for 3 days. Investigating 'round the clock as they essentially try to live with whatever situation presents itself during their attempt to connect on this new level. Not to mention that they need to get rest while their there, though I cant even imagine the amount of energy burned as they lay there squeezing their eyelids shut. As I've mentioned before, sleeping on location is not an easy task. When the opportunity to fully rest has been eliminated you easily become sleep deprived, allowing yourself to experience an altered mindset and a detached grip on reality. Not only does their form of investigation grant them the upper hand in communication and documentation, but is also allows them to experience the things that only the people that live with a haunting fully understand.


This is something I would certainly love to undertake, just not in my own home. The fear of being caught in your most vulnerable state is hard for me to conceive. My fear comes from my own personal experience. When I was a child, the house where I was raised had what I sensed to be an older male spirit. We lived in the house for a few years before he made first contact. I've always assumed that his communication started well after we moved in because he wasn't comfortable with my family. In all the years we lived there he only ever appeared to me. I was the youngest in the family, and possibly the only one with an open unbiased mind. I recall once when he appeared as a dark black shadow in the doorway of my room (see where my issue of doorways comes from.) I woke from my sleep one night to find him there. I called out for my father and the shadow took one step back and disappeared.


I could feel him almost every day after that. Like a heavy presence that was always on my back.  The lights would turn on and off suddenly as I entered into rooms or I wouldn’t be able to turn my bedroom TV off without pulling the plug. The type of things you would write off as being simple electrical issues, however this wasn't happening to anyone else in the house. I got the sense he wanted to make me uncomfortable. The last time I saw him, was when I was much older. He again appeared to me in that same doorway but this time as a white mist. Even though his appearance had changed I could feel that same pressure and knew that it was the same presence. He floated slowly toward me and I watched as his misty form passed right through the furniture, and that was it for me! I hid myself under the covers and as I tightly closed my eyes I wished him away. “Please make him go away, please!” He was still there but I never saw him again. I was much less understanding then, even though I still hate being caught off my guard I will not hide under the covers anymore nor will I wish it away. It’s a passion of mine to make up for that missed opportunity to ask questions and learn more. I’m ready, if there really is anything to be ready for.

Trigger Objects By: Chris Duncan Written: February 9, 2017

What do you think about using trigger objects on your ghost explorations? I pose this question a lot because I enjoy getting feedback and ideas from others who investigate the paranormal. Believe it or not I usually receive a mixed bag of reactions and opinions on the subject. One of the most interesting ideas that I've encountered is the theory that using trigger objects creates an attachment, and therefore a haunting. And if you consider the purpose behind using a trigger object, this theory makes a lot of sense. Your attempting to stimulate a memory in order to open the line of communication between you and an entity. By doing so, the entity might find a deeper attachment within the trigger object which would allow the entity to travel with you outside of the location that was affected. 


I get that, but I also agree with the idea that trigger objects are useful with aiding in the overall communication process. We use trigger objects on our investigations when we feel they can be helpful. One of ours is an old porcelain doll with a wind up music box that plays "A spoon full of Sugar." She is dressed as a nurse, even has a cap, and stockings, and we have named her Nurse Nancy. We hoped that she would be useful as some of the locations we have visited have darker histories that include the deaths of children. I can report that she has not brought anything home, not that I am aware of anyway. But sometimes I feel that entities are more drawn to interact with her then they are with us, the investigators.


Partially because Nurse Nancy is a friendly little toy. She's not someone that can cause any harm or wrong doing. Meanwhile we are still strangers, regardless of how friendly we are when trying to communicate during our investigations. We are still the unfamiliar outsiders invading their space... Other trigger objects that we've found to be effective  are story books. Reading aloud helps to surface memories from the past and allows the communication to flow easily, same as music.  I feel that when you introduce these elements into your investigation your not only prompting those memories to surface, but you may also be opening your self up to the possibility of an attachment. So, having said all of this, where do you stand on the idea?  

The Lemp Mansion - The Lockdown By: Wendy Schultz Written: February 6, 2017
soft lemp night.jpg

The Lemp family of St. Louis, MO established the Lemp Brewery in 1892, but it wasn’t their family brewery that made them famous. After the loss of a child and a friend owner, William Lemp Sr., committed suicide on February 13, 1904. Years later after the company suffered through prohibition William Lemp Jr. also took his own life in the office of the Lemp family home. I could stop there and everyone would say what a tragic story this was. A father and son both so lost in hopelessness that they feel there is nothing left to live for. The power of ones emotions, drawing the mind to believe that death is the only relief is a disease these two men seemed to share, but for the Lemp family it didn’t stop with them. Youngest daughter Elsa, and the third son of William Lemp Sr., Charles, also felt that life was too hard with no positive end. Elsa and Charles both killed themselves at different times and for different reasons. It is clear that the Lemp family had demons they were not dealing with. 

The Lemp family home is now a restaurant and inn that really plays up the family's haunting past by playing host to ghost tours, and murder mystery dinners. I had the pleasure of investigating this location in 2015 but my story today isn't about that experience. It’s about where we truly got locked down with the dead. Before every investigation we attempt to pay our respects where these lost souls have been laid to rest. We hope to gain their acceptance and make a possible physical connection that will aid in the psychic connection to the other side. The Lemp family members are buried at the amazing Bellefontaine Cemetery. The cemetery itself is seen as a tourist destination offering walking tours of the grounds that include stories of the historic individuals interred here. Some of the most famous include William Clark and the Anheuser-Busch families.

soft lemp hoes.jpg

The burial ground's are in the middle of an industrial area of the city. Yet it seemed so peaceful within the grounds, as if you were completely secluded. The aromatic flowers and trees helped you to forget that just beyond the wrought iron gates sat the bustling city. It was easily comparable to walking the paths of a garden deep in the country. We had to have been in there for hours, though the time passed us by without either of us noticing. The trails seemed to go on forever, winding and twisting deeper into the ossuary. We explored here for over an hour before finally making it to the Lemp family tomb. We spoke to the deceased, and paid our respects. The spell of the cemetery finally broken, we decided that we had lingered here long enough. We began our exit, however finding our way out would prove to be another challenge. As we approached the exit we could see that the main gates where closed. Thinking that they were possibly automatic gates, we crept closer. Now that we had pulled all the way up, the gates remained closed. At this point we could also see that they had been chained and locked! I got out of my truck, walked to the office which was just to the left of the gate, but found that no one was there! They had all left! Locked us in and left!

cemetery gate soft.jpg

I got back in the truck and my eyes fixed upon the sign on the gate that read the closing time. Checked our phones and... well shit! We just got locked into the Bellefontaine Cemetery for the night. So of course our first thought was hey maybe this isn’t such a bad thing, I mean there are a lot of individuals here worth trying to talking to! Being that the main focus of this trip was the Lemp Mansion, also neither myself or Chris were super thrilled with the idea of being arrested we began searching for a way out. We quickly discovered that this may be a common event at the Bellefontaine Cemetery because on the gate is another sign that read “If locked in, Please wait here, call security.” So we made the embarrassing call to security and waited for our savior to arrive. When he arrived he was great about the ordeal. Just smiling and giving us a friendly wave once the gate was open enough to drive out. We laughed about it as we drove on to the Lemp Mansion, though I can’t help but think that we may have missed a great opportunity there. 

Disclaimer: No we do not condone being in cemeteries or graveyards after dark without permission. Always ask permission for investigating after hours.

Psychic Links By: Wendy Schultz Written: February 5, 2017
villisca soft.jpg

Love me or hate me for it but I will not hide my appreciation and love for the Ghost Adventures show! I know, I know! Zak Bagans is over the top at times and Aaron Goodwin is a goofball but I feel that their unique characteristics add to the charm of the show and keeps the overall feeling of the show down to earth. They are entertaining as hell, and I feel that this team has always put their whole heart and soul into their investigations. I've been a fan since the beginning and love getting my weekly GAC fix. Having said all of this I cannot not leave Nick Groff out. I have a great respect for Nick's approach and his new show as well. His oddly calm demeanor during the freakiest moments always leaves me wondering "what is going on in this dude's head?" These guys were the reason I felt comfortable enough opening up about my experiences. They made paranormal investigating look cool. Sure people crack jokes and maybe don't believe everything that happens to them but I've learned a lot from them over the years and have truly enjoyed every episode. 


Is this how I see myself investigating? Are all locations this action packed? I mean we have been to a lot of the same places as they have but does that mean the devil has been haunting us ever since. Not by a long shot, yes we've had exciting experiences, yes we have had emotional experiences that didn't always end at the location but are we having meltdowns and yelling "dude!" all the time, no... However the connection that these guys have is something I can relate to. Zak Bagans said in his second book that his crew is like his family. The experiences they have had together have bonded them to each other like no one else could really understand if they weren’t there. Chris and I absolutely have this same connection. When she feels something on an investigation I sense the difference in her and react. When she's scared, I'm scared. It's more than being protective of someone, it's a type of psychic link. I think when you share moments that can not be explained, that you truly don’t know the depth of how they can effect you, yet you still walk hand in hand together into these situations, you connect with one another on a level that is beyond a simple partnership.


A friend asked me the other day if I saw the Goat Man Bridge episode where Zak and Aaron where both attacked. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a pretty intense episode. My friend was laughing about how cute it is that they still get scared on location and it got me thinking. First of all, I do agree it is adorable that they show us their true feelings and they are not numb to the emotions investigating can put you through. But I also started thinking, you know Zak has been extra emotional in the most recent sessions, really since Nick has been gone. Now, I have no idea what happened with Nick leaving the show and I don't begin to know Zak's personal life but what if they had that same psychic link? Nick's mellow attitude maybe helped to keep Zak calm. Maybe Aaron's energy is too much like Zak's and when one is scared or concerned they both just become on high alert and that’s when the "Dudes!" and "Oh man!" starts getting yelled and the running starts! 

ghost on the bed in Sepia jpeg.jpg

While investigating at the Villisca Ax Murder House we found ourselves in the heat of the action. We were getting responses on our spirit box, there were footsteps on the stairs, we were seeing strange lights as if the house just woke up for the night. We had been sitting in the bedroom on the first floor when it all started, then we moved to the kitchen and the entire atmosphere just felt wrong. Like a sudden static charge pulsed through the room and silenced all sounds. Freezing everything momentarily. Before we could even share our feelings with each other the door leading outside suddenly opened. The door opened and closed on its own and we stood watching in shock. Our first concern was to confirm whether a real person was there trying to enter the house. It was just Chris and I there that night to investigate, we had the entire place to ourselves. No one should be coming to the door. Then when we realized that no one was there, I was ready to use this impressive event to start beefing this investigation up. It’s go time, right? One problem my partner locked in place, that overpowering feeling that something was wrong still surrounded her.

soft villisca door.jpg

In my mind I was ready but my body could not stop shaking. I look over to her to see she’s shaking too, with her back to the stairs she told me there was something not good in this house and we needed to leave. In one moment her fear over took me and that was all I needed to grab my camera and say "Ok, lets go!" We took a long break in our car eventually going back in to the house. When we re-entered the whole feeling of the house was different. We walked around, positioned our equipment for the night, and hit record. As we were stepping out to take another break I felt that feeling again coming up right behind me I wanted to turn and face it, explore what didn’t want us there but it's like the brakes were hit when I could feel that Chris still just wasn't sure about our safety in this house. 

Maybe digging too deep was a bad idea, so I decided to follow her lead. We seem to balance each other, as I feel the Ghost Adventure Crew must balance each other as well after so many years together. That link of yin and yang acts in a way as a protection against these unknown forces. I’m telling you it may just be what keeps that devil from following us home.

Lemp Mansion - Scratch By: Chris Duncan Written: February 3, 2017

Like most of you, I've had experiences where I physically felt a presence. I've sensed eyes on me by something unseen. I've felt a hand lightly brush against my face and have also had my hair pulled. I've even had a brush against my lower shin as if an animal where rubbing its face against me, though nothing was there. I've never, never, been scratched at a location, accept at The Lemp Mansion. And to me, this is the most unlikely of places to be scratched during an investigation, but it happened to me here. It was the strangest thing. It was unexpected even though all the signs where there. At that moment, it wanted to be known. It wanted to be understood, and at that moment, I did...

We were all gathered on the main floor of the mansion. At this point the group had mostly moved into the massive dining room that is immediately to the right of the grand entrance. We had our equipment out and were engaged in an investigation when we began reading high electromagnetic spikes. The meters kept alerting loudly, and because the alarm was constantly sounding I was beginning to think that they where malfunctioning. Before this night I had never seen this type of reaction in our equipment. We were in the middle of our session when the alarms became more intense. Suddenly my finger began to burn. I thought that I had been cut with a razor blade, but that didn't make any sense. I was in the middle of the room holding a meter... I didn't understand why suddenly my finger burned so badly?

It continued to burn the longer I stayed, so I left the group and went into the back hallway where I could see what was happening to my flesh. I was able to see the cut more clearly and also found that the cut was growing in size. As droplets of blood formed on my skin I was no longer confused. I knew that I had been attacked, though I didn't understand why it happened to me. I still don't understand why I was singled out that night, but I feel that this may have led to a lingering experience that I was really not prepared to deal with.

Surprisingly I've been cut several times since our investigation at this location. This has happened to me regularly, including outside of investigating the paranormal. I've received a deep gash on my arm while driving past an old church. My hands and fingers are continuously cut or scratched just as I sit on the couch or in my bed at home... Each time receiving an unexplained burning sensation, that gets deeper and more intense as time goes by. I've also had re-occurring dreams about this location, which has left me wondering if the incident that we documented at the Lemp was a meant to warn me. The meters were all triggered and alerting a presence, and I just continued on with my investigation... I can't say for sure why this all happened this way, only that just recently the cuts seemed to have cease and so have my dreams of this place. Does this mean that I have finally been ridden of this spirit?

The Nefarious By: Chris Duncan Written: January 30, 2017

So, what do you think about attachments, possessions and the like? The idea, or how I understand it is that this type of entity wants to latch itself onto you and does not release until it has either completely ruined you or has gained custody of your soul. What type of creature would one have to be, to have such a sinister motive? These would all have to be demonic types of creatures right? I guess not necessarily, but right now I'm questioning this line of thought so hear me out here... If you are evil in life, are you then capable of taking on this malevolent role in the afterlife? I am not trying to make a mockery of it, I am just intrigued and looking for a direction so that I can begin to understand this better.

With all of this in mind, I am left wondering how close to reality are the works of fiction that caused nightmares to countless children in the 80's? One movie immediately comes to mind, Child's Play. For those who have not yet viewed this classic, this movie is about a man that transfers his soul into a doll just as he passes away only to then reign terror on an innocent family as he seeks out revenge for his demise. Another movie, The Skeleton Key, has roughly the same idea. But since this one is a little more recent I will leave out the details as I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Anyway the point is, death has always appeared to be so much more permanent then life. I mean, I was brought up believing that once you pass on, your soul escapes leaving your body or your earth bound vessel behind.

Because we don't have an answer for what actually happens to you once you cease to exist, is this idea a possibility? In that moment while your life ledger is being reviewed, does your darker side saturate your register and force your wickedness back out into the world somehow? Allowing you to ultimately become one of these entities. I am hoping not, I would feel better with the idea that only demonic entities can possess the living, even though that is not an incredibly happy thought either... I am interested in knowing what everyone else thinks about this subject, and so I pose this question to you. What do you think about the nefarious spirits and how it is that they remain in the realm of the living?

Imprint By: Wendy Schultz Written: January 28, 2017

This week I received a surprise treat! A co-worker found a set of tarot cards tucked away in the trunk of her car. They belonged to her sister-in-law, but she didn’t really use them so she wasn’t interested in getting them back. My co-worker, knowing I am into all things strange and unique, thought I would want to add them to my collection... Now I need to paint you a little picture of how interesting this exchange was to me. First, these are not regular tarot cards. If there is such a thing as “regular tarot cards.” What I mean is that they don’t even say they are tarot cards, they read as Myths & Mermaids Oracle of the Water Cards. So... Why are these the perfect gift? Aside from the fact that I’m obsessed with folklore and mythical stories, I am also a water sign. Which happens to be the sign that these cards are truly designed for. I’m not sure my co-worker even knows when my birthday is. I never had a plan to be involved in activities of fortune telling. I feel that it’s more of a skill you are born with rather then one that you develop, but this all seemed a bit like fate. I am planning to make a great effort to connect with these cards to see what they could show me. With that said, I wanted to share a short story of another time tarot cards and fate crossed my path and the impact that experience had

Years ago, myself and a handful of ladies traveled to New Orleans for a girl’s weekend. We took in the sites during the day, walking the streets of the amazing French Quarters, then as we made our way back to the hotel to get ready for the evening we passed an alley way with a tarot card reader who stood, just waiting at the gate. As if she had waited there, just for us. Funny thing is I had been to New Orleans before, saw this same alley way with an open sign on the gate, but there was no one in site. I wanted so badly to have my fortune told, but at this time this woman was no where to be found. Then I found myself in the same spot years later, and on this day she’s just standing there, waiting to invite us in. We all prepared ourselves to watch what we say so that we didn’t give her any telling signs, testing her true abilities. I’m sure we all thought of this as being just fun and games but boy were we wrong. There were four of us, myself going last, and one by one she seemed to sneak into our souls. Call out our past.. 

She knew things that were not common knowledge or anything that she could just know from looking at us. She spoke of childhoods and of our past relationships. Before she even started my reading she asked if it would be ok for her to speak freely, or if I was worried about what my friends may learn? I quickly responded, answering "No!" I didn’t have any deep dark secrets to hide... But I am very much the kind of person that only allows you to see what I want you to see. Immediately I questioned my choice, "How could she know all of these things?" Our minds were blown, it was truly an emotional experience. At the end of each session she offered up a more positive future, as if we were not allowed to leave without a glimpse of hope. Some of her predictions have come true at this point in my life, but I also believe that there were paths that were previously set in motion. As for events that would be a completely new and unexpected experience, those have yet to happen. And I expect that they never will. However that doesn’t cause me to not believe that this woman had a power. She could see your past as well as your current state. She seemed to know what to expose in your past in order to get your attention and she knew what you wanted to hear about your future.

I believe your past is cemented into your soul. It is who you are, it shapes the lines on your face and creates your aura. I believe that as we experience emotions and events in our life, we imprint them into our souls. They make us who we are, and they are forever apart of us. Our souls imprint later when we pass onto the objects or areas that are dear or most important to us and that is essentially how a residual haunting comes to be, in my theory. So for this brief moment, I think that I saw what my residual imprint would leave on this world. Wow! A little eye opening... Since the future is ever changing and yet to be decided, I hope to improve my imprint with time, and leave a more complete and happier impression in this world. I mean, my tarot cards did say that it was possible! So maybe, just maybe, the future can be left up to me to determine... We will see what the cards have to say about that.

Paranormal Community By: Wendy Schultz Written: January 28, 2017

Paranormal Community. Hmmm... “Community?” Why do we even say it’s a community? Do scrapbookers have a scrapbook community? So many times when I hear others use the term “In The Paranormal Community” it sounds so Hollywood to me. It makes it sound like we have a secret club that only certain people are invited to. Using the word community should mean that we band together to share ideas and show support for each other. That we plan "get togethers" just to hangout and that we care how each member of this “community” are doing. Are they well? How’s their investigations going? Any new discoveries? I’ve believed in the paranormal since I was a very small child. I had experiences that would not allow me to become blind to the other side. Often when I spoke out about these experiences, sharing them with my mother or my friends I was immediately brushed off. My mother said I watched too much TV and girls at school thought I was a freak. Sure they didn’t mind playing the game "lite as a feather stiff as a board" a million times at every sleepover and giggling about it but if I wanted to be serious and raise real questions, suddenly the tone changed as the first response was always“Wow! We were just joking”. I learned to keep my mouth shut and honestly just never really be myself in front of anyone. Just fit in Wendy, Just fit in...


I had actually known Chris, my now paranormal partner in life, for years before we truly had a real conversation, just the two of us. We had the same mutual friends growing up but in my eyes Chris was so much cooler than I was. She wore baggy jeans and carried a chain wallet, she didn’t seem to care what anyone thought of her. I never really talked to her one on one. I didn’t really even know her all that well. It took seven years for me to discover she had the same obsession for all things odd and unexplainable. One Halloween sitting around sharing ghost stories, Chris and myself got into a serious discussion far past our other friends interests on the topic and before I knew it she and I had just planned out our very first paranormal investigation! For Anchorman fans you would get it when I say “That escalated quickly!” Next thing I know we are creeping through a legendary cemetery, where stories had been told for years about a strange beast that appeared from the woods surrounding the cemetery and would chase out any night time trespassers. We only had an old cassette camcorder, a digital camera, and maybe one flashlight between us but we walked through that cemetery ready for whatever was coming our way. We sat and waited together. 


Nothing happened that night, we never found that beast but we have spent countless nights since then over the last 10 years waiting together and we have shared some of the most amazing, and exciting moments I’ve ever experienced. In every long car ride to locations and time spent going over evidence together we have found something much more satisfying than a legendary monster from a small town story, we found each other. I can be myself and be accepted because she’s just as weird as I am. This friendship and level of trust has allowed us to build a partnership in investigating that I feel we are so fortunate to have found. We completely trust each other and share common view points but we also take the time to listen to each others different ideas and theories. Something I feel a real community should be doing.


Our goal is simple, we want to discover more, explore more, understand more if at all possible. We want to share what we find with a community or group of people at least with the same passion to discuss, communicate, and debate. I have to be honest I have met many other groups on the road while investigating or networking on social media, but I have yet to find a true community of paranormal explorers really willing to open up to others, share their experiences honestly and discuss ideas without judgement. It’s not that I haven’t met anyone like this please don’t misunderstand. I have met wonderful people with great hearts and I love those moments. I just feel like we could do better, there is a large network of people in this so called “paranormal community” we should not have to feel like outsiders anymore. We shouldn’t have to tell ourselves “just fit in”. We are people with open minds or we wouldn’t believe as we do, we can open up to one another and invite each and everyone of us to truly empress themselves. We can be a real community.

For me I will keep trying and waiting, I waited over half my life to find Chris, so I can keep holding out hope that a community that truly cares what others are doing and about making real connections and not just business connections will exist someday.

Explore All Possibilities By: Chris Duncan Written: January 16, 2017

During our overnight investigations we hope to gain answers that will aide in our restless search for proof of ghostly phenomenon. We tend to over explore our documentation possibilities and sometimes neglect using some of our best equipment, our internal equipment. What I mean is that sometimes your senses can lead you right to where the activity is, but we easily get caught up in the technicalities of needing to documenting everything. Getting set up means that we are unloading and staging our equipment for the evening. This would include having to adjust camera and video settings, lighting or the lack there of, and recording time... We never really pause to put the cameras down because we want to be ready to capture that moment if and when a spirit makes itself known. But, what happens as we physically enter the room? Or at the end of the EVP session, when the recording session has ended? I’m sure that the presence we just reached doesn’t just leave the room. You know... It’s break time spirits. Lets all take 5! Wouldn’t that be an interesting way to do it?

It’s not enough that we try so desperately to record our findings while we are undergoing the investigation, but there needs to be a moment for pause while we actually understand and accept the gravity of the entire situation. Rather it be a historical site, a place of final resting, or the point of someones last breath, each time you step into a haunted location you should be prepared for anything to happen. Open yourself up to the idea that your physical being may become affected by things you cannot see or touch. This may later help you to become better at recognizing different types of energy, but I say this now so that you do not immediately write off strange occurrences and "feelings" because you have not fully begun your investigation. There is a strong possibility that you’re honing in on something paranormal, and your senses are trying to alert you.


Personally speaking, I would rather spend a week or longer at a haunted location. I feel that would allow us the time to really tune into our senses, and refine our techniques. I don't think I'm alone at making this statement... The “get in and get out” approach doesn’t allow us to seek out all the answers. We’re only giving the spirits enough time to react to our existence based on our immediate actions and first impressions. And who really wants to play nice with some random group of strangers that have just barged into your place for the evening? I am not at all implying that you won't capture great evidence from your overnight investigation, but rather the overall understanding of the paranormal might be better documented after repeated communication over the course of several nights.

So, who can do this? Move into a haunted location for multiple days that is... Well anyone can really, depending on how thickly lined your pocket book is. Most of the well known haunted locations will happily provide rooms to rent, or even the entire building depending on what you can afford. Which can be pretty amazing when you can manage it. Sadly not everyone out there pursuing the paranormal is as wealthy as some of our TV guru favs, but don't worry. There are other ways to continue your efforts into the paranormal. Remember, Cemetery's and Graveyards are free to investigate. Just make sure that you are exploring these spots tastefully, and if you are going after hours, be sure that you have permission to be there. You don't want to have a run in with the police during your ghost hunt. Also local forts and other historical locations can prove to be amazing hot spots. If you are close to any of these types of sites I recommend going as often as possible and getting familiar with the history and surroundings.

The Study By: Chris Duncan Written: January 15, 2017

I don’t particularly enjoy calling what we do “Ghost Hunting”. I think that whenever these two words are used together that you’re immediately reminded of a comedic group of scientists with proton packs strapped to their backs. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Ghost Busters movies, who doesn’t? But the reality is far less glamorous. Every haunted location I’ve investigated has only further unhinged me. More questions are raised after witnessing a night of spiritual activity rather than being able to find solace in what I’ve observed.

Some of my favorite investigations are going to be the obvious ones where we found ourselves immediately involved in spiritual contact! But then there are the times when almost nothing presents itself, and our investigation ends on what seems to be an otherwise quiet night. What happened on those nights? What goes on in the ghostly realm? What changes occurred that keep us from being able to communicate so freely from one night to the next? Feeling like you’ve suddenly become the only one in the whole universe. Some nights the communication will be soft, pleasant, and then it can change to something that is dark and evil. There is never a guarantee that when we leave an investigation we will be anymore knowledgeable about life after death. For that reason I am more comfortable explaining what we do as ghost exploring. I know, I know…Everyone recognizes the term “Ghost Hunter”, So, why would I go and try to make a big deal out of it? Well, quite frankly, I feel that there is way more to it then just sitting in the dark and waiting around for something to happen. I know that I am not alone when I say this, and therefore hunting doesn’t exactly fit into the equation. I mean, I do understand how the name came to be. However I feel like the entire spirit engrossed community would agree that we are not just looking for that one sign. We want more out of it, I think that we all want answers…

rusty gate.jpg

This may come in a variety of ways, depending on what you as an individual are searching for. For us, for now, we just want more. Having said all of that I want to bring up a case that seemed to encompass all of these elements. This is the West Virginia Penitentiary, otherwise know as Moundsville. We were lucky enough to tour the massive building prior to our overnight experience, though even the tour was filled with many unsettling occurrences. There were times when you couldn’t help but notice that feeling of eyes on you. Eyes that where hidden somewhere in the darkness, leering at you, following you… And whispers that came from no-one. The entire group was ahead of you and practically chasing the heels of the tour guide, but a voice would suddenly form, and right in your ear… What else could you do during the tour though? Note it mentally and press on.

jail 1.jpg

Once it was time to begin exploring on our own, suddenly the creepy feelings all stopped, and our investigation became cold and silent. Had we missed them? Was it pass their bed time? We changed rooms, changed techniques, began reciting legends that we had learned of this location in an effort to try and trigger an old memory or feeling, but again nothing. This time the situation only presented itself when we weren’t actually focusing on them. We moved from area to area to area becoming drained. Feeling let down that the night had not been what we had hoped for when suddenly Wendy is hit on her head. We waited, tried to communicate, but again nothing. We moved on and were walking in front of the jail cells of the third floor when again Wendy was the target. Suddenly her equipment bag becomes unzipped as she walked in front of me. We stopped to try and understand how this happened, and unable to find the source we immediately begin an EVP session. Again, silence. Is it playing with us? Upon review of our pictures and EVPs we did receive some interesting feedback. But after touring a location like this I have to wonder, are the spirits bored with the same ole’ mundane ghost hunter routine?


So just like every new haunted expedition you attend, you want to know if you are dealing with an Intelligent haunting or a Residual haunting. Mostly so that you know what you are dealing with, how the events are going to be documented, and whether you are going to receive any direct communication or not. In case we weren’t really communicated with, but I feel like we were targeted at random points throughout the evening. I would like to deem this an intelligent haunting but it was not interested in actually having any intelligent communication with us. It did not seem malicious, but gave us uneasy feelings and also spurts of physical contact. Maybe, for this type of a haunting, the textbook theories just don’t apply…


The forces here seemed incredibly disinterested with the usual inquiries. But were rather lively when we turned out backs thinking that the night would be a disappointment. Going back to how I started this entire rant, I feel that this, and all Ghost hunt theories deserve to be revisited. This haunting was so mischievous and at times downright playful that it left me thinking that maybe the spirits at Moundsville prefer that we became the entertainment to their otherwise drab evening. Situations like this unnerve me the most and aides my passion for learning more about the paranormal. What is really going on here? There is really no way to know for sure, at this time anyway. For now, it’s all about the experiences that we have, the answers that we get from each investigation, and the fortitude earned after each case.