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Passionate paranormal investigators that have been investigating the paranormal for years together. Which has not only created a bond as strong as family but also allowed us to learn for one another and grow our spiritual beliefs. Originally founded in West Tennessee we have now expanded to the Western United States and New England areas, EACH COVERING A CORNER OF THE MAP SO-TO-SPEAK. Paranormal Investigation is our passion and we want to share what we've learned and provide experienceS for all interested in things odd and unexplainable. Join Creatures of the Night Paranormal in exploring the misunderstood, discovering the unknown, and connecting to your spiritual side. rEAD OUR INNER MOST THOUGHTS ON OUR JOURNAL PAGE, VIEW OUR PAST INVESTIGATION UNDER THE EXPERIENCES TAB, SHOP OUR SPIRITUAL PRODUCTS ON THE PRODUCTS PAGE, AND LOOK FOR NEW EVENTS AND follow our paranormal PODCAST to hear haunted tales and alot of side conversations about the life of a couple of regular joes that love the paranormal .